Restoring Representative Democracy in Newport News!

LaTonya "Abys" Wallace is working to shift the political climate in Newport News back to representative democracy.  "Citizens of Newport News should have leadership that's responsive to the needs and concerns of its citizens.

For a community to thrive, residents must feel a sense of belonging. Elected officials must know and share the values of the community they serve and must be willing to meet citizens where they're at.  

Taking care of the business of the City doesn't mean neglect the needs of its citizens. As your City Councilperson, I'm committed to serve a diverse, growing population and encourage forward-thinking to solve 21st-century problems.  

Message from LaTonya Abys Wallace: 

"As your councilwoman, I will work to fully fund our school district to rebuild our crumbling schools and make up lost ground for teacher and school staff pay raises.  

I will work to provide more affordable housing and ensure the safety and health of all renters and homeowners.  As a commissioner of the Newport News Human Rights Commission, I assist in working to "preserve the public safety, health and general welfare" of our citizens, so one of my priorities is the creation of an Affordable Housing Advisory Board which will bring together homeowners, tenants and other residents to address the rising cost of renting in Newport News.

I will work with our school board members to complete the design and begin the rebuild of Huntington Middle School.  Newport News South district can not affordable to lose another in-community school.  My organization, Abu Unity Foundation, 

I will work to provide access to our city's waterfront and park land, from Riverview Farm Park to Pinkett's Beach, and work to establish water and air monitor programs to the quality of our natural environment.

Your donation will help us bring these values to our City Council.

Vote LaTonya Abys Wallace in the May election.  I look forward to serving you in the community."-LaTonya "Abys" Wallace